An experience awaits you…


Outdoor Family Light Show

Socially distanced… Socially Awesome


How long in advance should I arrive?

We recommend  arriving at least an hour in advance.  That will give us time to shuffle cars around so you are ready for the show.


Do you guys practice social distancing?

Not only do we practice it, we have perfected it!   You will experience the show right from your car.

Can we get out of the car?

You are welcome to bring chairs.  You will have a small area in front of your car that you can sit and watch the show from.

How long is the show?

The show last approximately 40 minutes.

How can I hear the music from my car?

We have FM transmittors that will play over your car radio.  We also have outdoor speakers playing in case you do want to sit in front of your car.

Can I hang out after the show?

As much as we love you, we will need to clear the lot as quickly as possible to get ready for the next show.  Therefore… no handing around after.  🙁

How do I contact someone?

We prefer emails to however, if needed, you can reach our office at 631-698-6230.  We are live Monday-Friday from 10am – 6pm.


Enjoy the magic of lasers set to music in this amazing, socially distanced event